Workshop on Type-driven Development (TyDe)

The workshop on Type-driven Development aims to show how static type information may be used effectively in the development of computer programs. Colocated with ICFP, this workshop brings together leading researchers and practitioners who are using or exploring types as a means of program development.

Upcoming workshops

2021, Daejon

Previous workshops

2020, Jersey City (local copy)

2019, Berlin (local copy)

2018, St Louis (local copy)

2017, Oxford (local copy)

2016, Nara (local copy)

Steering committee

The TyDe Workshop steering committee comprises three pairs of TyDe Workshop co-chairs and three appointed members-at-large.

Each year, shortly after the date of the TyDe Workshop, the steering committee appoints two co-chairs for the next TyDe Workshop. The steering committee additionally appoints a new member-at-large to succeed the currently longest serving member-at-large. The newly appointed co-chairs and the member-at-large then join the steering committee, while the longest serving former co-chairs and member-at-large step down.

The chair of the steering committee is one of the two longest serving co-chairs.

Should there be vacancies within the steering committee, e.g. due to a member stepping down early, the steering committee appoints members to fill the vacancies and, if necessary, decides on the succession ordering.

Present members

PC co-chairs


Former members

PC co-chairs